PVC/Nitrile Blend Gloves​

Vinyl glove production technology

PVC/Nitrile Blend Gloves

Our PVC/Nitrile Blended Glove offers a technologically advanced glove type based on the vinyl glove production technology. Its material is compounded with PVC paste and the widely used Synthetic Nitrile latex, so the finished production has the advantage of both PVC and Nitrile gloves. With all the benefits and uses of Nitrile, our blended gloves offer more strength, less cost, and an added electrostatic reduction, great for working in clean rooms or with electronics.

This glove type is also an excellent choice for a wide range of tasks and professions such as dentistry, medical and clinical tasks, and household tasks, cleaning, tattooing, and beauty.

Our PVC/Nitrile Blended Gloves maintain the biological pathogen and chemical resistance of nitrile gloves, and remain to be a safe alternative to those with latex allergies.

Gloves made from vinyl are manufactured in a way to enable stretch and versatility whilst they are also able to hold up against punctures, stretch and general wear and tear.


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What Are The Benefits Of Vinyl Gloves?

Vinyl gloves are optimal for tasks that have a short duration, which is why they are more popular in certain industries. In food processing, for instance, employees must change their gloves each time they change tasks. As such, they do not need a glove that has superior durability. Vinyl gloves are more cost effective than latex or nitrile while offering the appropriate tear and puncture resistance for industries where they are used.

Used on medical contamination task

painting tasks can benefit from the use of vinyl gloves

Widely used on chemical and oil industries

We are a growing business in the supply and distribution of high quality latex gloves.

We can guarantee that our gloves have been independently tested and accredited to ensure that glove safety for worldwide use. All of our processes are developed and engineered in house, with the safety of our customers as our main priority. We stand as the best choice for global sourcing in the highly competitive industry of safety gloves manufacturing.

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